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The vital substance elixir with special plant extracts and valuable vital substances for a flavourful and high-quality supplement to a balanced diet.

  • Vitamins, minerals, plant extracts and antioxidants
  • for a better supply for every day
  • The ideal companion for a healthy lifestyle
  • additional support for special challenges
Commitment to clean sport: Our product VITA INTENSE (2x500ml) and VITA INTENSE (sachets) is regularly tested for selected doping substances.


Contents:  2x 500 ml or 30 Sachets à 33ml

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VITA INTENSE is taken with the enclosed measuring cup (33 ml daily dose) and ideally taken directly before or with a meal. Please keep VITA INTENSE in the refrigerator after opening.

VITA INTENSE is also offered as a sachet and can be easily carried in your handbag, jacket or pocket. Simply tear open and enjoy the tasty vitamin elixir.

Nutrition facts
Pro Tagesdosis 33 m (100 ml)
112 kJ / 26 kcal (340 kJ / 80 kcal)
< 0,5 g (< 0,5 g)
    thereof saturated fatty acids
< 0,1 g (0,1 g)
5,8 g (18 g)
    thereof sugar
5,5 g (17 g)
< 0,5 g (< 0,5 g)
< 0,5 g (< 0,5 g)
< 0,01 g (< 0,01 g)
Nutrients (vitamins and minerals)
Per daily dose 33 ml (%NRV*)
Vitamin A
750,0 µg (94%)
Vitmin B1
1,5 mg (136%)
Vitamin B2
1,7 mg (121%)
17,0 mg (106%) 
Pantothenic acid
10,0 mg (167%)
Vitamin B6
4,2 mg (300%)
150,0 µg (300%)
Folic acid
400,0 µg (200%)
Vitamin B12
7,5 µg (300%)
Vitamin C
180,0 mg (225%)
Vitamin D
20,0 µg (400%)
Vitamin E
15,0 mg (125%)
Vitamin K2
75,0 μg (100%)
62,5 mg (17%)
25,0 µg (45%)
5,0 mg (50%)
Further ingredients
Per daily dose 33 ml
Aronia juice
1.980,0 mg
Aloe vera extract
17,5 mg
IngredientsAqua, Agave Syrup, Aronia Juice (6%) made from concentrate, L-Ascorbic Acid, Lime Juice made from concentrate, Acidifier: Malic Acid, Natural Aromas, Magnesium Salts of Citric Acid, Thickener: Xanthan Gum, Preservative: Potassium Sorbate, Nicotinamide, Calcium-D-Pantothenate, DLAlpha- Tocopheryl Acetate, Aloe Vera Extract (0.05%), Pyridoxin Hydrochloride, Green Tea Extract (0.02%), Thiamin Hydrochloride, Riboflavin, Retinyl Acetate, Pteroylmonoglutamic Acid (Folic Acid), D-Biotin, Sodium Selenite, Cyanocobalamin, Menaquinone, Cholecalciferol.

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