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in product and business.

Where two irrepressible forces come together in a unique way, great things are created. With the extraordinary dynamics of a strong network, the highest quality natural products are made accessible to everyone - a vision of the future that is already a living reality at LAVAVITAE. A company that consciously combines the individual potential of people, strong motives and clear values.

The strong drive

Our vision

LAVAVITAE is committed to the right people, the right motives and also the right values. The combination of dynamism, performance and high moral and ethical values distinguishes our partner network. In this way, we make a significant contribution to maintaining health, vitality and joie de vivre - a mission worth pursuing.

Living values

Exclusive product world

Strong community

A clear mission

Our values


Appreciation, connectivity and mutual trust are the pillars on which the culture of the LAVAVITAE team is based.

Network marketing is teamwork and so a unique LAVAVITAE team culture is established. Based on appreciation and loyalty within the community and towards the company.


Further development in the products and in the business is an essential part of our future-oriented company.

The company, the brand, the products and also the business model are constantly being developed and adapted to future circumstances and requirements. Together with the personal development of each partner, this in turn contributes to the sustainable success of LAVAVITAE.

High quality

Exclusivity, aesthetic and modern - uniqueness and high quality are the corresponding standards for our daily work.

Uniqueness is found in both the brand image and the product world and leads to a special unique selling proposition for the company. High quality sets the standard for our daily work, for the product world and for the further development of the company.

Connected to nature

In harmony with nature - the connection to nature is already anchored in the company name and is the focus of our actions.

The connection to nature is already anchored in the history of our origins and in the company name. As a company that works with high-quality natural products and brings them back into harmony with nature, closeness to nature as well as living sustainability is the focus of our actions.


Appreciation, solidarity and mutual trust are the pillars on which the culture of the LAVAVITAE team is based within the entire network.

LAVAVITAE is a consistent, cross-generational company and offers a business model with sustainable success - for all existing business partners and customers as well as all future ones.