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Lava Glow

Anti-aging deluxe. Lava Glow is a face cream consisting of a distinctive combination of high-quality ingredients with an impressive texture.

  • luxurious facial care with colloidal gold
  • convincing formula
  • grace you can see
Contents:  50 ml (1.7 FL OZ)

€ 115,83

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Lava Glow

It is the uniqueness of nature that gifts us with its beauty every day. The selection of ingredients for an effective and luxurious anti-aging cream requires special sensitivity.

  • Today, colloidal gold is known in professional circles as a versatile beauty booster.
  • The volcanic mineral zeolite is currently considered a revolution in cosmetics
  • The skin-firming hibiscus is said to have a Botox effect
  • Hyaluronic acid is considered an effective active ingredient for moisturising the skin
  • Grape seed oil contains valuable OPC for antioxidant protection of the skin.

An extraordinary formula that brings grace to the face.

On the pulse of time

Radiant and healthy skin is the visible expression of beauty. The vision for an unprecedented anti-ageing cream led to a novel combination of two giants in the field of luxurious facial care: colloidal gold in its purest form and the volcanic mineral zeolite in LavaVitae's premium quality.

For the woman who no longer compromises!

After the turbulences of life, you have finally arrived at yourself. Now you want to reward yourself with something that makes you forget how time flies. Just feel beautiful and secure in all the activities you love.

Noticeably better, visibly more beautiful

The volcanic mineral zeolite binds and neutralises toxins on the skin and gold particles give it a delicate shimmer. This novel and convincing combination of active ingredients is accompanied by selected premium active ingredients that have already proven their power to support individual perfection.


Despite careful and gentle production, even natural products inevitably change their original vibration! LavaVitae activates all products with a special natural resonance process and restores their original vibration!

As a result, the ingredients are more bioavailable, which significantly improves the effective properties at the cellular level. This has now been impressively demonstrated in a scientific cell study.

Customer reviews

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from Emmal, 10.10.2021

I am an outdoors person spending most of my life on a mountain or in the sea so using a good skin cream is super important to me. I just adore this product. It goes on so smoothly and you hardly need any so the tube lasts forever. Ive been using Lava Glow for about 3 months now and the effects just get better and better.

from Zoe Sophie, 09.10.2021

Lava Glow does what the name suggests. I can see the difference in my skin on application and over time have really noticed the 'glow'. I also adore the smell and appreciate the high quality ingredients knowing there is zero filler in this formulation. The fact it is vegan friendly is an added bonus!

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