Build your future today

Do you care about health? You want to be a source of inspiration? You want to open up opportunities for other people and seize your own chances? Then become a LavaVitae business partner. Here you can build your own network and earn money with health. Invite people into your team and become a health ambassador. Benefit by making other people successful.


As a LavaVitae business partner, you can enjoy a number of pleasant benefits:
  • Being your own boss
    • As a LavaVitae business partner, you are an independent entrepreneur and determine how much, when, where and with whom you want to work.
  • Free time scheduling
    • Whether as a part time job or maybe your main job in the near future, you decide how much time you want to invest in your healthcare business.
  • Unlimited earning potential
    • With LavaVitae, the sky’s the limit. Whether you only want to earn a few hundred Euros per month, or you are pursuing very ambitious goals – the LavaVitae success model opens up all kinds of possibilities for you.
  • No risk
    • At LavaVitae, you obtain a ready-made franchise business for a minimal startup investment.

The LavaVitae success model

- Building a network is the solid basis for sustainable income.

The business model of referral marketing inspires people to become more physically and financially healthy.

LavaVitae is a company of people for people. It's a network for a healthier world, with people as a whole at the centre. The referral marketing business model inspires people to be more physically and financially healthy.


  • Share information
    • You don’t take care of orders, warehousing or billing – the company does all that for you. Just invite people to look at information and give them the chance to discover LavaVitae for themselves.
  • No selling
    • To be successful in this business, you shouldn’t sell anything. Interested parties order directly from the company, increasing sales in your organisation.
  • Earn from day one
    • In other professions, you need to complete elaborate training before you can start. Not so with LavaVitae. Here you already enjoy a good income while you acquire all the necessary skills.
  • The LavaVitae lifestyle
    • Live the Spirit of LavaVitae. Grow into a future with better financial and physical health. Find a harmonious work-life balance in a circle of like-minded people. Obtain the freedom to do the things that are really important to you in your life. You can do it with LavaVitae!


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