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Why volcanic rock should be a fixture in our life

Think about this: Every day, 13 million tonnes of toxins worldwide are pumped into the air by heavy industry and road traffic. An unbelievable number that is hard to visualise! However, we tend to think that chemical exposure happens “elsewhere”. This is a misapprehension. In Europe alone, 200 million tonnes of hazardous chemicals are produced every year. Not “elsewhere”, but right outside our own front door. Chemical products, coatings, toxins, exhaust fumes… 

These toxins enter the soil, thereby impacting everything that grows there, and ultimately also the food we eat. If we look at individual agricultural products, the toxin levels might not amount to much – the problem starts when we add them all up. Pesticides, additives, radioactive residue, unwanted content... Can you say with absolute certainty how much of these you consume? Whether we like it or not, these toxins make their way into our body.

All the toxins that we consume as a society end up in our gut, and, in the worst-case scenario, also in our bloodstream. The result? Tiredness, exhaustion, feeling unwell, inflammation, and even chronic diseases and a leaky gut. Alarmed? You should be. Indigestible, damaging elements attack our sensitive intestinal flora, creating toxic metabolic products, the so-called endotoxins. Our intestinal balance is upset, and so are we.

What if I was to tell you that we and LavaVitae can do something about this? That our vision aims at exactly that?

Can you see yourself joining us in these efforts?

If you are ready, follow me.

To make our vision a reality, we rely on a two-part mission. What do we need in order to succeed? Our premium medicinal product Vita Pure, and people who recommend us out of passion for what we do.

Did you know that our body prefers to work with inferior substances rather than with none at all? Starting from poor air quality to food from soil starved of vitamins and nutrients, our body will work with what it has available. However, in the long run, it cannot function properly without precious minerals. How can Vita Pure, our premium medicinal products, help us carry our mission of health and vitality into the world? The key to our body’s well-being lies in silicon, calcium, magnesium, and also potassium. 

What Vita Pure does

When the nutrient-packed, untouched primordial ocean hit upon the majestic, molten land formations, an incredible seething reaction occurred, and within a matter of seconds after cooling down, lava rock was formed, which stored these essential minerals deep in its core. With Vita Pure, LavaVitae has succeeded in unlocking the powers of this natural treasure. The mix of lava rock, dolomite and minerals contained in the product is nothing short of a catalyst for your health.

How Vita Pure can help you

The magic words are natural detox! Barriers take care of no less than 99 percent of our body’s protective mechanisms, starting from the skin all the way to our hair. Vita Pure doesn’t just strengthen the intestinal wall, another important barrier, but also binds selective toxins in our gastrointestinal tract before they have the chance to do damage, and before they are able to pass our protective barriers. The lava rock contained in the product is the most important natural binding agent for toxins such as mercury, lead, aluminium, arsenic, and all sorts of pesticides. Within just a few hours, these toxins that we unwittingly consume are eliminated from our system. The burden on the metabolism is massively reduced and our sense of well-being increases. This is an important preventative concept that helps protect our health. And that’s just the start!

Our premium medicinal product Vita Pure





If you are ready, follow me.

Recommendations within a dynamic network

Why do we think that personal recommendations work better? We are always looking for people that we have things in common with. Through family ties, through similar views, through any shared likes or dislikes. In short, we are looking for people "on the same wavelength”. The more carefully we foster these relations, the more open we are to suggestions and discoveries. Wouldn’t you agree? We set great store by recommendations from people who are important in our lives. This is the joyful philosophy that we put into practice every day.

Face to face, heart to heart

Face to face, heart to heart. If we recommend a product to others, we are behind it one hundred percent, the way LavaVitae is behind its products. Our dynamic network focuses on personal recommendations through enthusiasm. We are on a joint mission to give good health the status in our lives that it deserves, and this passion is a tonic for body and mind.  When you have found something that works for your health, you tell your family and friends about it, don’t you? And you can always count on the effect and scientific basis of our products. There is no other way of purchasing the medicinal premium product that is Vita Pure. You won’t find it in a pharmacy or a supermarket. The only way of purchasing it is via the recommendation of a friend.

"Out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks."

Manfred Scherzer, Founder

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