The start of a success story

We are a young, Austrian company based in Villach, Carinthia. LavaVitae GmbH was founded by Manfred Scherzer in 2013. His wish was and is to share his positive experiences with the natural mineral zeolite and generally draw attention to the advantages of a healthy lifestyle using natural products.

It all began with products relating to the lava rock zeolite which were very popular and led to the development of other high-quality natural products whose ingredients predominantly originate from Europe and are only refined sustainably in Austria under strict quality standards.

We inspire people to live a healthy life every day through referral marketing – with great effectiveness. Our success model doesn’t just prove to be advantageous to our customers and business partners’ quality of life but also enriches their private and business life.

We enjoy a large, constantly growing fan base with our honest products. A healthy life can be so simple, we help you in the process!

As your wellbeing is important to us.

Our credo

Life starts now

We primarily want to offer everyone the chance to support a healthy lifestyle using refined natural products.

People today want to eat healthily, keep fit with sport, be successful at work, with their studies and enjoy their free time to the full. We are blessed with a high standard of living and do not want to give up our quality of life. And we are absolutely right as we deserve a complete life full of energy and vitality. LavaVitae supports us in the process: the exceptional natural products give us the missing extra quality of life, they are the missing piece of the puzzle for a holistic and vital life. It should be worth it to us to savour and live out every single day of our life to the full. It’s worth starting straight away – Life starts now! Together with LavaVitae!

Our vision

People to people

LavaVitae GmbH sees itself as a people-to-people company, therefore a company with the goal of passing on the employees and customers’ positive experiences with the refined natural products from LavaVitae and the company’s overall concept. Our focus is on people as a whole and we believe that everyone can get more out of their life, that life can be savoured even more if you are healthy and fit all round. It is proven that we can improve our quality of life by supplying our body with important vitamins and vital substances. The 100% natural quality products from LavaVitae help us with this.

Using referral marketing we want to highlight the importance of a healthy lifestyle and on the other hand offer our business partners an interesting business model to reward commitment and success.

Our customers and business partners’ health is our top priority and greatest motivation.

Our values

Our basic convictions are the foundation on which our success is built and we have adhered to these since LavaVitae was founded:


Our passion is our body, health, wellbeing and nature. We want to do something good for ourselves and others with nature’s gifts – for a better quality of life.

Quality & responsibility

Quality means meeting or exceeding our customers’ and business partners’ expectations. We have defined clear standards for all areas with which we can guarantee our customers and business partners top quality products produced in a sustainable and environmentally conscious way. We accept responsibility towards our customers, business partners and suppliers as well as our environment for our decisions, our actions, our products and services.

Naturalness & authenticity

With our products we ensure 100% naturalness. This means that all products only contain natural ingredients. All these precious resources are grown in Europe and our products are sustainably refined under strict quality standards exclusively in Austria. LavaVitae stands for naturalness, quality and honesty. We fully endorse our products and we are true to our word, just like our products.


With our products we don’t just want to improve our customers’ and business partners’ wellbeing temporarily but offer a long-term solution for a long and healthy life full of energy! We also promise our business partners interesting career opportunities and a job with future prospects. Anyone recommending our products, is securing an income in the long term that can be constantly increased. Anyone who works hard is rewarded accordingly!

It’s never too late to opt for a healthy, vital life. Do it now. Together with us. Together with LavaVitae

Life starts now!

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