In the Fat ADE Challenge, health coach Rene Tischhart guides you through a transformative weight loss process that will melt your fat deposits quickly and permanently.

The concept

In 4 steps to success!

The package

Always well supplied!

The practice

Discover a new taste!

the fat ade concept

Everything fits here! So that you can reliably achieve your goals, nothing is left to chance in this programme.

Die Erfolgsbausteine deines Fat ADE Programms

The coach at your side

In sensitive times, it is always good to have a strong partner at your side.

Culinary diversity

A weight loss process can feel varied and delicious.

Everything in view

A permanent body analysis helps you to monitor your success.

Finally successful

User studies show a realistic reduction of two dress sizes in just three weeks.

You are the most important person in your life

Investing in your own health and performance should not be a decision, because it comes back many times anyway. Become the best version of yourself and inspire yourself and the people around you.

Even if you don't want to lose weight

... you've come to the right place with the Fat ADE Challenge. This transformation process helps to regenerate your intestines and to deacidify and detoxify your body. In this case, you simply follow the programme without calorie reduction and eat as much of the recommended foods as you like.

A big thank you for this great programme from LavaVitae. With this challenge I lost 10 kg and at the same time gained a lot of energy and strength. I have definitely reached my goal and have taken away so many positive things for my future. It is fantastic to have been part of this!

Karl Heinz, 53, -10 kg

For me, the Fat ADE Challenge came at just the right time as I had just started interval fasting. I lost 15 kg with the Challenge and feel great again. I enjoy my new body and am happy and satisfied.

Tanja, 37, -15kg

During the Fat ADE Challenge I lost a total of 10 kilos. Besides the physical transformation, my body, mind and energy have also found each other again. Even after the Challenge, the feeling of excitement, self-confidence and gratitude remains. Through the daily videos, you learn not only about the eating culture, but also to listen to your own body's needs. The Fat ADE Challenge is the best thing I could do for my body and my health.

Ivana, 39, -10 Kg.

I have a thyroid condition and take medication. Is Fat ADE suitable for me?

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